About Us
Wendy Brodie, inventor of the Bodyflik, lives in Buckinghamshire in England. She has been a special needs teacher for the past ten years, and has a teaching degree in English from Oxford University.

Wendy has always been concerned with environmental issues, and invented the Bodyflik in order to reduce the large number of towels that she washed and dried each and every week for her family of 3 teenagers.

Her prototype - a plastic car squeegee that she re-molded in boiling hot water - convinced her of the vast potential of the Bodyflik. After several weeks of experimenting and refining, Wendy designed the original Bodyflik, basing it on a French curve which emulates the curves of the human body.

Wendy subsequently worked for several months with a specialist manufacturer, Orion Industries, based in High Wycombe, where she learned about the design, prototyping and manufacture of plastics, and indoctrinated herself in the world of CAD/CAM, injection molding, and sonic welding. Confident that the Bodyflik would be a worldwide success, Wendy has patented the Bodyflik and invested her life savings in the manufacturing and marketing of the Bodyflik.

The Bodyflik was first manufactured and sold in 2005, closely followed by a smaller version, the Bodyflik Sport, which is designed to fit in a washbag when going to the gym. The Bodyflik has now been sold throughout the world, most of these sales being generated through word of mouth recommendations, enthusiastic reviews in newspapers, magazines and web blogs, and through numerous television appearances.

Wendy recently appeared on UK TV's “This Morning” programme in a feature promoting female inventors. The Bodyflik has featured on numerous TV and radio shows in many countries, including the US NBC 11's weekly "Gadget Friday" slot, and the popular US channel Home and Garden Television's "I Want That!" programme.

Wendy also won a prestigious award at the BFIIN’s “Female Inventor of the Year Award", and was nominated for the UK "Good Housekeeping Awards" in 2006.